Monday, October 18, 2010

Could I earn a living without a "real" job?

Good Morning World!! I quit my job in Retail America 6 weeks ago and have enjoyed myself immensely ever since, much to the horror of my husband. I have been creative, unstressed, alive, happy and enjoying life. I mean, who would'nt love to wake up every morning and walk your precious 1st grader to school, holding hands and talking the whole way? Who would'nt love drinking coffee in the peace and quiet of my new house without the television on, listening to music I love from my Ipod?  Who would'nt love creating things that are pretty, working in your little office/guest bedroom all day, letting the time get away from you?? I think the last 6 weeks have been the happiest that I can remember. When I was working in Visual Merchandising years ago, being creative every day, I was pretty happy then. I am a creative person, but forced to manage people for a living. YUK!

So the question is "Can I make a living without a "real" job. After waking up every day for 25 years and driving to the mall, would it be possible for me to make a living doing what I love? I bet Oprah would love to answer that for me. She would say "YES!!" in her Oprah voice.

Last week I opened a little shop on My shop name is Retreauxgirl and I make re-purposed jewelry and sell groovy vintage items. In fact, yesterday I made my first sale!! I think that is pretty good!! Just what I needed!! It looked pretty bad that I did''nt have any sales or feedback yet. But I think that the ball is definitely rolling, albeit slowly, its rolling!!! I am also tossing around the idea of freelancing Visual merchandising local business window displays? The holidays would be a great time to start............yes?

I think I need to make some Christmas decorations? to sell?? Let me get to work..............Let me rephrase that..............Let me get to creating!!! YES!!

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