Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Academy Award Nominations

As I have stated in a previous post, I would like to see all 10 nominated films of 2010. Since the nominations were announced this morning, I have trying to devise a plan on how I am going to pull this off. Since i live in a town with limited theaters that don't usually show the "artsy" films, I may have to go to Houston to see a few.

Here is where I stand: So far out of 10 nominated films I have seen 2, going to see Black Swan tomorrow.

Best Picture Nominations
* “Black Swan”- Watching tomorrow
* “The Fighter” - Playing in Houston
* “Inception” - Should be able to rent
* “The Kids Are All Right” - Can't find a showing or rental
* “The King's Speech” - Playing in Beaumont
* “127 Hours” - starts Friday in Beaumont

* “The Social Network” - Watched Monday, loved it!! Review later
* “Toy Story 3” - Watched it 3 times with 6 year old- Loved it, cried
* “True Grit” - Playing in Beaumont
* “Winter's Bone" - Can't find a showing or rental

I hope to have Social Networks review done soon. Black Swans soon after........


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