Saturday, May 14, 2011

29 Ways to Stay Creative

This is a great list for busy creative types such as myself. It's so easy to get bogged down with responsibilities, full time work, real life. Never forget your creative self, she is important too, and these tips are easy and helpful!

Number 27 is on my "to do" list today



  1. This is a great list, Leslie. I too should be dealing with #27 today but instead shall make a fresh strawberry pie! I feel a bit guilty but I'm willing to get over it ~ ha!

    Please visit my blog ~ I'm doing another giveaway:)


  2. I like this! I'm going to print it and do....
    #29 first. LOL


  3. I LOVE this list friend...I want to print it out & put it on my fridge!!! Ya know, sometimes it's the simple little things we forget to do that make the biggest impact.
    And know what else, The Junk Gypsy's are my HERO'S too!! ;)
    I would love to make you a SPOONIN necklace, I think we can fit all your sayins on a double one...a spoon in front & the butter knife in back. {maybe we can do some trading...}
    email me:
    I have some other ideas too! ;)
    Big Hugs to my Retreaux Girl!!!