Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I need your help

I am opening a new shop on Etsy featuring vintage clothing, hats, costume jewelry, home accessories.......etc.

I need your help in choosing a name. I would like to use "Retreaux" or at least "eaux" in the title.............. Choose your favorite from the list, or leave a comment with your suggestion.

1. Retreaux Rewind
2. Vintage Retreauxgirl
3. Retreaux a Go Go
4. Retreauxwear
5. Go Geaux Vintage

New shop name will be chosen before midnight tonight. Your vote (one per person) counts for an entry for $35 store credit in either one of my Etsy Shops.

What do you think???


  1. OMG Retreaux a Go Go is so cute!

  2. Hello Leslie,
    My vote is for “Vintage Retreauxgirl” as your new shop name.
    Smiles, Paula

  3. Congratulations on your new shop, Leslie! Wishing you tons of success!