Monday, November 8, 2010

My first jewelry showing

I have to admit I am very nervous.  Beaumont's Merchant Soirre is a gathering of local artists and craftsmen and a showing of their "art".  This will be my first public showing. I feel confident about my jewelry and I have received really good feedback about it, but I can't help but feel a little old for this kind of thing.
 My friend Kathy and I attended the Merchant Soirre last month, we thought we would check it out and see there was a possibility that we would want to participate the next month. Kathy is one of my best friends that I have recently reconnected with.  We walked around the Soirre, looked at the art, phoptography, jewelry and we liked it and thought the turnout was great so we decided to take part. Most of the participants were college students in their 20's so I can't help but feel a little old.  Kathy didn't realize she was double booked November 11, so its just me going by myself. It would be alot easier if I had another "old" person going with me, but I will be brave and go it alone. I hope I make some new friends and contacts. The Beaumont Enterprise and the Examiner will be there too. Maybe I will get my picture in the paper?? Would'nt that be really cool?

Here are some samples of what I will be showing. I am going to take alot of the "industrial" type of jewelry. The door plate, earring backs, door hinges...etc. Plus I am going to take the burlap bib pieces as well. They are really pretty. I am working on a few other pieces as well.

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  1. Great News! Kathy is going to come with me after all!! Yipee!! Still a little nervous.