Friday, November 12, 2010

Beaumont's Merchant Soiree

Change always comes bearing gifts.  ~Price Pritchett

Change is also very scary. After working for over 25 years in the retail world, which I was really good at by the way, I quit. I've never quit before, but it was time for a change. 

 I am a creative person by birth, my parents, my mentors, are the most creative people I know. Even in their 70's they are at the Antique Mall working on Mom's booths, which look fabulous. Growing up our "old" home was always beautiful with their creativity and spirit. They took an old run down home, cut it in half, moved it across Hardin County, reconstructed, redecorated and made it wonderful and charming. So turning old things into something beautiful comes easy, because that's how I was raised.

My pretty table
I've always been drawn to jewelry. Every garage sale, antique show, or flea market, you can find me digging through the jewelry, or my nose pressed to the glass cases oogling the sparkling brooches.  After working at the mall for so long, I found the merchandise in the stores to be cheaply made, usually overseas. 

 I've been making jewelry for years, but lately I've been using old, vintage, antique, hardware, burlap, bling, rusty, unique, pretty, did I say old? stuff.  And it makes me happy, but would other people like it? I have pretty good taste, right?? My friends seem to like it, don't they? 
My moto: Reclaim, Repurpose, Relove

So, last night was Beaumont's Merchant Soiree, which is a traveling art show held once a month in a different location, and this was my first time to do a show, to put my stuff out there. It was a little scary, intimidating, and nerve racking. Luckily it was at Chula Vista and margarita's were available for FREE!! My friend Kathy was there with me, she makes "plant jewelry" which is unique and fun. Other friends Thaddeus, Eisha and LJ, and my husband Charles and Cassidy stopped by to give love and support, which I deeply needed. I made new friends and met many creative and very talented women.  People stopped and looked, picked things up, asked questions, asked about prices. Exactly what you'd expect. 
Double Trouble-Me and Kathy
  Towards the end of the evening I had a really nice lady stop by and do what I'd been waiting for all evening, She ooh'd and ahh'd, she was very hip, she picked up each piece and told me what she loved about it, she said she did the same kind of work but I was "kicking her ass!" She owns a Antique and Design Company and wanted my jewelry in her shop, for a commission. SAY WHAT?? Really?? 

So today I am heading to her shop to see what we can work out................

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  1. Retreauxgirl, I couldnt stop talking about the great time that I had with you at the Soiree last night. I visited with my sister today and all we did for about 10 minutes was OOOHHH and AAAWWW at your collection. She especially liked the Black Beauty Necklace on the boot and the gold charm bracalet. I think you have a new customer!!! Cant wait to see what you create for us "Men Of A Certain Persuasion" Love You