Monday, November 29, 2010

My friend Irish Colleen @ Etsy!

I could'nt wait to get to work this morning. After a week of my little girl being out of school, then company for a few days, I wasn't able to get into my workroom and create, and it was driving me crazy.  The first picture is what my worktable looks like this morning, thanks to a fantastic contact I met through Twitter, she is on Etsy too.

One of the great things about networking, is that you meet people that you would'nt have otherwise. One of those people that I am really thankful for is Irish Colleen @ Etsy

 Also Kudos to April Hecker of Sweet P's Jewelry for the drawer hinge up top
Sneak Peek at my Worktable this morning!
You should visit Colleen's Etsy page  She has great vintage and antiques in her shop and she has been a great contact to help me find hardware like the Big Bertha Hinge, these great locks, all the skeleton keys, Red Royal hinge, and my personal favorite FiFi
The Rusty Royal
FiFi Fiona

Big Bertha- Now at CAVE
 Thank you to Irish Colleen for all of her hardware!!

Off to work,

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  1. Thank you to my newest Friend on Etsy for blogging about my shop! You have been such a great customer and I love that you send me pics of what you have done with the items you purchased from me! You are so talented and have so much imagination! Thank you for posting my shop: irishcolleen01 / Irish Colleens Collectibles on Etsy!!
    Love working with you, Retreauxgirl!!!