Monday, January 10, 2011

New Retreauxgirl Jewelry Today!!

Bow-Bont! In honor of my birthplace Beaumont, Texas

Heidi- I love making necklaces with brooches

 I've been really busy lately working on new pieces for my Etsy shop. It's been over a month since I felt inspired.  I also got a new camera for Christmas and I am still trying to figure out the settings. My pictures are coming out kinda dark, but I am working on it.

Looks Juicy huh??
I love working with keys and old locks. They don't necessarily have to work together, I just like the weight and the feel of them. They are solid and unbreakable. Some keys that I found during the holidays are really pretty, a few have some scroll work on them that I'd never seen before.
They inspired me to make some of the pieces you see here. They can be worn everyday and make for great conversation.
Metal says Fisher Kalamazoo~~

Gimme a key and a lock and I make jewelry!!

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