Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cowboy Boots-How Many Is Too Many??

I have recently become obsessed with cowboy boots. Born and raised in Southeast Texas you would've assumed that it would've happened earlier, but at the ripe old age of 44 I am now the owner of 6 pair of cowboy boots.

I found this red pair last year at Cole's in Warrenton Texas, I paid $40, which is a steal considering they were Justin Boots, who by the way have been making boots in Fort Worth since 1879. When I tried them on my foot squealed in delight, the inside of this boot is like heaven. I wore these boots for 2 solid days of junk-n and antique-n in the country with only a small tiny blister on my little toe.
Now these boots are the most adorable things I have ever seen, the red inlay hearts are to die for!! I think they must be official "riding" boots because they are so tall. Probably made for a Rodeo Queen! These are also Justin that my Mom found at a Goodwill, I won't tell you how much she paid for them because it will make you sick. Luckily I wear a 5 1/2. They also fit like a glove but rub a little on the ankle, but I think I can fix that with some thick socks and maybe a pad of some sort
Here is the lot. The brown pair that is not pictured are a little too big and uncomfortable, I am going to give them back to Mom. The Zebra pair are actually rubber boots that I have yet to wear, but I just know that I will need them someday. The gray pair with black toes were purchased in Round Top a few years back, they are a little tight, but I still wear them anyway!!The black pair I bought in 1990 at Margo's, they are practically worn out!! The heel is worn down thin..........but I heart them!!

I'm thinking that during Antiques Week in Warrenton in the Spring I will be looking for a brown pair of Justins!! Don't you think?? How could one more pair hurt??


  1. Too cute, love the gray boots with the inlaid hearts. Very fun!

  2. From one southern gal to another...how could anyone not LOVE the perfect pair of cowboy boots???? I wouldn't be found without a pair on or in the summer a pair of great flip flops! Thanks for the BD wishes...so sweet! xo..deb