Sunday, February 13, 2011

I lost my fashion

Simply put, I lost my fashion. I'm trying to remember where I saw it last.

I have been doing a little soul searching the past few weeks, and I figured out that my fashion has been lost at least 5-6 years, since I left JCPenney in 2004. The fact that it has been lost that long and I am just now noticing it is quite frightening. When I worked at JCPenney I was Senior Visual Merchandising Manager and I was skinny and stylish, then I left there and worked for Steve and Barrys, which I wore jeans and a polo almost every day, then I went and worked for Macy's and wore BLACK every day!! and that store was so warm 9 months out of the year that I sweated all of my make-up off by 10am everyday, not to mention what my hair looked like. Now that I have been self employed for almost 6 months I rarely get dressed before noon, and usually brush by hair by 3pm when its time to pick up my daughter at school.
 Somebody needs to get a job!! And buy a Vogue!
 I have slowly sunk into a hole. Where am I??

Not until recently when I interviewed for a very fashionable and hip store in the mall did I realize that I had no idea what was going on in the fashion world. My addiction for fashion magazines was replaced by Country Living and Martha Stewart (which is OK, I love these mags). I began to despise VOGUE magazine for airbrushing too much, I would buy Elle Decor before Elle...................I let my subscription to WWD expire...
Geesh! Scary

Man!! I hope I get his job!!


  1. Good luck!!! I have my fingers crossed :)
    BTW-it's come back! I know the feeling ;)
    You just needed a break~
    LIsa :)

  2. You have not "Lost Your Fashion" your role in fashion has just changed.....Just like fashion evolves, so do you! So until you get that final Auf Wiedersehen from Heidi, you're still in it to win it Sista'!!! Good Luck and Love Ya'


  3. Words of wisdom from my wise friend Thaddeus!!