Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gearing up for Warrenton Texas

Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Week is one of the highlights of my year. Luckily it comes in the Spring and in the Fall!! Twice as much fun! Since I live in Southeast Texas the roadtrip is 4 hours and its time well spent with my awesome parents and my sister. We enjoy the time out of our busy lives to reconnect and we have a ball!! I will be doing some "research" this Spring for a possible "Retreauxgirl Repurposed Jewelry" tent in the Fall.......very exciting!!

I discovered Warrenton by finding the Junk Gypsys online and pretty much stalked them to Zapp Hall! Their tent is by far the best in all of the miles and miles of tents.

There are 3 things that you "must have" to survive a week of Antiquing, beside the obvious.....$$$ money!

1. Comfortable Shoes- When I say miles and miles of walking, I mean it!! You would think that tennis shoes would be the most comfortable but I found this red pair of cowboy boots at Coles in Warrenton in the Fall and they fit like a glove and I will wear them for days!!
Think about it..........this picture times 20! Seriously!

I am thinking about blinging out some small padlocks to hang on the sides
2. You need a crossbody handbag so that your hands are free to shop and carry your beer
My budy Robelyn from Red Neck Chic  is making me a custom handbag and I will meet her for the first time at the Zapp Hall fields.......very excited!

I love this bag on her Etsy site but need a longer strap

3.  Cool Jewelry- This is the most fun, Mom,  Laurie and myself deck ourselves out with tons of gaudy jewelry, pearls, a little Retreauxgirl of course, silver, all kinds of unique stuff. I will be wearing my padlock jewelry all week. I just bought these today, can't wait to see them in person. Business cards will be passed out!! Yay!!

Also a "must see" is the Junk O Rama prom, after going to Warrenton for years, last year was the first year we went to the "prom". We sat at Royers for hours and people watched and had the best time!! You should check it out!

I don't know these people, but this picture exemplifies the Prom!


  1. Oh yea! Your list is right on. Can't wait! Laurie has lost so much weight, I'm hoping I can wear some of her linens. I've stil got the boots for her.

  2. I've only been to Roundtop once, but it was pretty cool. I hope you have fun!! xx!

  3. love your style!
    you´re so cute...