Sunday, March 20, 2011

Texas Antiques Week-10 Day Countdown- Day 10

10 more days until Antiques Week in Round Top and Warrenton Texas.
Today I would like to talk about what I will be looking for during my 4 days of non-stop shopping.

Here is my top ten list of items
1. Inspiration- I am always inspired by all of the creative and happy people that endure the elements to show at the antique shows. I love to see whats new, whats old, and what else I could find to make jewelry out of that no one has ever thought of before, or putting my own spin on things. Inspiration is the only thing that is FREE and there is tons of it!!
2. Padlocks- I have just recently sold out of all of my padlock jewelry on Etsy, So I am busy making more. I am looking for padlocks of all shapes and sizes, the lighter the better.

3. Rusty Hardware- door hinges, drawer pulls, cabinet pulls, hooks, if its rusty I may want it! No telling what I could do with it!
 4. Petticoat- I want one for me! I need one!! I will buy one! enough said
I do not know these ladies but I am loving that blue petticoat with those boots!!!
 5. Cowboy Boots- OK, so I own like 6 pair, but I do not own a brown pair, so I will be searching for just he right broken in pair to wear home
6. Brooches- I love Rhinestone Brooches, the bigger the better, but I need some smaller ones also for my padlock jewelry
7. Watches/Metals- I will be looking for some small antique watches and round circular metals to add to some of my charm necklaces. You just can't have too many.......right??

8. Old Chain/Junk Jewelry- my stash is getting a little light!! Must have replinishment!!

9. Belt Buckle- Well, a girl cant wear a pair of boots and a hat without a good belt buckle!  Looking for a Lone Star beer buckle FOR A GOOD PRICE!
10. Skeleton Keys- I own probably 10 right now, which is low. I need more!! I love KEYS!!!

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