Friday, September 16, 2011

What is Retreaux??

If you are not from Southeast Texas or Louisiana, you may be asking yourself? What in the heck does Retreaux mean??

EAUX is pronounced "O"  so Retreaux sounds the same as Retro but with a Cajun twist. My maiden name was Kibodeaux and I am a Texas Southern Cajun Girl!! A little wild and crazy and a whole lotta fun!!

What the heck is a cajun??
A cajun is someone who is probably born somewhere in Southern Louisiana, was raised on crawfish and spicy food, can speak English and Cajun French, the wild and crazy Cajun would be called a "Coon-Ass"  Names such as Boudreaux( Bood- row), Broussard (Brou-sar), Thibodeaux (Tibby-doh), Hebert ( "A-bear"), Sonnier (Son-yay) are typical and most cajuns are tanned skinned, brown hair and eyes, and a little crazy and fun-loving.

 Have you ever had crawfish? fried alligator? blackened shrimp? Bar-B-Que Crabs?.............Cajuns!

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans?.............Cajuns!

 Ever listened or danced to Zydeco Music?.........................Cajuns!!

So if you take into consideration my love for Cajun people and all their craziness

Sprinkle with a little Southern Belle (Oh Ashley!!!)

and top it off with a little dash of Crazy!

And you've got yourself some Retreaux right der!!

Any Questions??

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  1. love me some Cajun Zydeco music !! Eddie Raven rocks !!