Monday, September 19, 2011

Shabby Chic in a Week!!

As you already know from numerous previous posts ( I know, I know, I am excited, I can't help it). I will be attending a blogger's luncheon at Rachel Ashwell's new Bed & Breakfast in Round Top Texas only 7 days from today.......OMG!

All I had to do was be one of the first 35 bloggers to respond to this invitation. Luckily I saw a Twitter post by the one and only Bud Royer of Round Top's Famous Royers Cafe!! (thanks Bud!) alerting everyone to the urgency. I sent my email, I waited nervously, I refreshed my email at least 20 times before the email came back that said CONGRATS! You are among the first 35!!!

YIPEE!!  I squealed like a little girl, clapping my hands, and called my mother first thing!!!!!

I have been "stalking" Rachel Ashwell for years. Ever since Shabby Chic was founded back in 1989, I have been a fan. Lately I have been glued to her website Shabby Chic Couture-The Prairie! OMG!! You must go right now and see what I have been SWOONING are a few things I am obsessed with and I can't wait to see them in person!!

Star Pillow! How cute is this???
Birdcage Hanging Light! I Love You!! 
Linen Ruffled Hoopskirt Hanging Shade
Carmine Cabinet! Yes Please!
Traditional Chandelier- SIMPLY DIVINE!

 I can't decide what I most excited about!
Meeting and sharing ideas with 34 other fabulous women bloggers?
Talking and asking questions to Rachel Ashwell? Inspiration? Work Ethic? Life in Texas vs England?
Hugging Kelley of the Hidden List and Thanking her for this opportunity?
Eating Pie from Royers Cafe for the very first time
Seeing and taking pictures of The Prairie up close and personal!!
Knowing that a portion of proceeds from this event will benefit Dwell With Dignity

I will take alot of pictures!! Promise : )


  1. ok, GETTING SIKED, what are we going to do while you're at The Prarie for lunch rubbing elbows......maybe a little trip to have lunch at Burton City Cafe....I hear its good ole country cooking.....and check some shops there!