Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Inspiration

I work best alone, in an empty house

So working on the weekends is usually difficult with the family home. Come Monday morning, when everyone has left for work or school, I usually look at pictures in magazines or on the internet, or look at other jewelry designers on to get my inspiration flowing. I have tons of ideas in my head, usually keeping me up at night thinking about them.  Sometimes the jewelry comes together beautifully and other times, it end up being torn apart half a dozen times and I have to start over. I don't make sketches, I just usually start with one great piece of hardware, or jewelry and go from there.

Just a sample of what I saw this morning. Very interesting and inspiring to say the least
Christian Dior- Beautiful colors

Delfina Delettrez- Yes this is all metal. Cool huh?

Eddie Borgo- Locks! Genius : )

Chanel- Need I say more. Stunning

Oscar DeLaRenta- Tangled Mess- Beautiful   

Etcetrix on Etsy

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  1. Love these! I have the same problem going to sleep with ideas in my head too!