Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Round Top Texas 10 Day Countdown-Day 8 and 7

OK, So I started the 10 day countdown a day late. So I will be squeezing Day 7 and 8 together into one Mega Day, because it is officially 7 days until we leave for our little trip to Warrenton.

Yesterday we left off at Marburger Farms and are headed straight for Warrenton and straight for Coles.
Air-Conditioned, over 200 dealers, Clean restrooms. Coles takes us about 2-3 hours to go through. Last year the vendors that were outside of Coles were good also, found some great bargains. My favorite pair of Cowboy boots were purchased at Coles in the Fall. I wore them for 2 whole days and they are so comfortable. Don't miss going toColes

Across the side street from Coles is Excess, its THE place to find Architectural Artifacts. HUGE doors, arch elements, chairs, ironwork, signage, really cool old stuff........this yard is alot of fun to discover 

On down the road from ExCess is Clutter, a cute little place with really cool and clever items. They usually have a clearance area in the back that is very afordable. Won't take long to walk through here..........
Clutter sits on the edge of North Gate Field and Bar W Field. Its just your basic field of antiques, a few places to eat. Absolutely a great way to spend the day. The only problem is restrooms. Only port a potties in this area, probably why we don't stay very long.........

Across the  street is a new venue, less than 3 years old called The Marketplace. Not alot of antique dealers here, mostly crafts and market goods. NICE restrooms, great environment, a stage with entertainment at night, but not alot of vendors in the Fall, but we are hoping there are more this Spring. We are staying in the RV park here. Curious to see how it goes...............

Ta Ta for now!!

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh.....Coles, one of my personal favorites. Especially on Tuesday night wine parties. Last year a vendor had a margarita machine, which we kept going by. Love to shop on Tuesday nights!!