Monday, March 21, 2011

Round Top Texas 10 Day Countdown- Day 9

Good Morning! Planning our trip to Warrenton/Round Top Texas involves a strategy to cover as much space as possible on any given day. Much like Disneyworld, you  cannot see everything in one day, probably not in one month, but last year i think we did pretty good with how we planned each day to make sure we did'nt miss too much. We usually go in the middle of the week. The weekends are traffic jams and chaotic, but still worth it!!

I have broken up the next 9 days into sections of the Antiques Week, each section can be done in 1/2 day, so following this plan would involve 4 whole days.  I am also including some of our favorite "hot spots" and "haunts" that we make sure we hit each and every time.

If you are traveling Hwy 290 and exit Hwy 237 La Bahia will be the first sign of Antiques that you see. It is a rather small show, but it is a great place to start your trip due to the fact that it is really laid back, less pricey, decent restrooms (inside), up close parking. Its a great place to get your feet wet.

 Get back on the road and your next stop is Carmine (Prounounced Car Meen)-See the HUGE red tent with a flag on top.........Once you turn right in Carmine you can see Antiques on the right and the left. Take a few hours to hang out here. Parking is easy and prices are good. There is a soul food restaurant that will knock your socks off on the right side of the road, I wish I could remember the name of it, just follow the scent. Yummy

Back on the road and you will see on the left "The Big Red Barn" We've never been. They have an entrance fee that we just cant bring ourselves to pay. A little further down the road are little tents and shows that we sometimes stop and look if we are making good time. Round Top is coming up soon. It is mostly a town square with little or no antiques, mostly crafts and market goods. Good restroom close to Richard Schmidts place on Mill St. Dempseys has great food (killer black bean burger)  at good prices when you can't get into Royers due to the fact they are booked weeks in advance of Antiques Week.

Marburger- Entrance fee. This is the Taj Majal of Antique Shows and is one of the top ten in the country. At least 9 HUGE tents with 350+ dealers on 43 Acres. This is where the high end dealers buy for their clients. Be prepared to pay. I love this place for inspiration, since I can't afford the prices. Inspiration is Free here!

Pretty much all of this will take an entire day and you havent even seen Warrenton yet. So prepare!! Get those comfortable shoes out!! Take your vitamins!!



  1. I'm stretching and exercising to get ready for walking! Watching 10 day forcast to see if we might finally get to wear our cool boots....Will this week ever pass?

  2. LOL! Is it still Monday......Geesh!!