Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Countdown to Round Top Texas- Day 6

Hello Friends, The big day is getting closer. I just checked the weather and it looks like we may have to endure some rain, not too much, but i will finally get to wear my rubber rain boots I bought two years ago
Arent they adorable!!??
As we creep on down Hwy 237, we are getting closer to my favorite Field Zapp Hall, but we are saving that for another day. Lets hop on over to Granny McCormicks Yard. If you turn down the road next to Granny McCormicks House, there is some great parking in the back, it will cost you $5 which goes to local charity and I don't mind paying it at all. Then you just have to get out of the car and start shopping. There are some really great vendors with new and exciting things as well as tons of Mexican Imports.

 Just past Grannys and through Renck Yard is the Campbell building which is always entertaining and full of great items. The old lampshade repurposed with antique lingeris, slips and old stuff hanging from it was just adorable and found in the back yard of Campbell.
I couldnt find a shot of this place during Antiques Week
 Keep walking and shopping through Third Base Field (Third Base is a resturant) Das Gruene Field, which is where the "Linen Lady" is, she is right on the road and has a tent full of Linen Fashions, always a fun time here then as you reach the end of the right side of the road at St Johns church field. St Johns Church sells BBQ and this is a good place to have a mid day cup of coffee and regain some strength

 We can jump across the highway and go to Tree Park Field which is a great field for bargains and good prices as well as Robinsons Field, Dillards and Little House on the Hill and we are DONE!! for the day : )

Tomorrow we will begin at the Foot Bridge with Jil Suzanne


  1. I now have 5 lampshade skeletons...........BUT have not attempted to redo until we go back to Campbells and look at theirs again and hopefully sneak a pic. Just heard that Legal Tender Saloon has fabulous homemade pimento cheese on homemade bread! Yummmm!!!Think I need 1 of those this trip....

  2. I am carrying my camera with me the whole time. I plan on taking a ton of pics for the blog! We will definitely be sneaking some pics of those shades!!