Thursday, March 24, 2011

Countdown to Round Top Texas-Day 5

The next 5 days will highlight one of my favorite vendors in Warrenton, Texas. They are living the "dream" and I try to give them my support by buying something from them every time I see them, but they make it so easy with incredible merchandise and awe inspiring merchandise displays.................

   Today is Jill Suzanne          

Jill is located in the Little House on the Field right at the Foot Bridge. This beautifully shaded spot is a perfect location for her rather large tent. Jills merchandise includes, Antiques and Old Style, Architectural Elements, Candles and Accessories, Garden Art and Iron, Jewels, and other Unique Finds that you have to see to believe. Any time I smell Creme' Brule' I think of Jill and her tent.

If you are in Warrenton during the next two weeks please go and check it out. If you can't make it. She has a website. 



  1. I love your blog and this post. I want to shop there too ! WAHHHHHH i'm crying.

  2. Love Jills place! I always buy architectual pieces from her and repurpose into cool hooks. I sell them sooo fast! The creme brulet candles are to die for.